Opportunities for Everyone



Help get the word out about Theatre Knoxville Downtown. Distribute posters. Contact traditional media. Promote us on social media.

Box Office

Help out on show nights by taking tickets, selling concessions, and welcoming patrons to the theater.

Sets, Costumes & Props

If you’re handy with your hands, then put them to good use! Join a work crew to strike the set when a show ends, and/or build the set for the next show in the lineup. Help our talented costume designers create (or find) just the right outfits for a colorful cast of characters. Visit estate sales and contact prop donors to locate that special item or piece of furniture that will help to make a show come alive on stage.


Ticket sales provide only a very small portion of the money necessary to keep us afloat. Help keep the lights on by selling program ads, networking with sponsors and donors, and winning grants.

Everyone Can help

The best community theater is exactly that: a community. Our dedicated volunteers are the backbone of Theatre Knoxville Downtown. And we have FUN!

Come spend time with other folks who share your passion for making great theater possible.


Help get the word out about Theatre Knoxville Downtown.

  • Distribute posters to businesses and public gathering spaces.
  • Share posts, photos, comments and events on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, arts & entertainment blogs, and more.
  • Contact traditional media outlets like newspapers and broadcasters to boost event coverage.
Box Office

Savor the excitement by helping at a specific performance. Our box office volunteers:

  • Take tickets
  • Sell concessions
  • Welcome patrons to the theater and help them get seated 
Sets, Costumes, & Props

Set building may seem daunting. But if you can swing a hammer, pull the trigger on a drill, or push a paint brush, we can use you!

Our costume designers always need help with finding costume pieces, and occasionally altering or sewing specific items to get just the right look or fit.

And every show needs its own unique collection of props, from vintage furniture, to weapons, to scenic decorations … the list is endless.


Operating expenses at our new location are over 3 times greater than at our old space. Ticket sales contribute less than half of the income we need to stay afloat. 

Help us raise money through sales of program ads, outreach to season sponsors and major donors, and by writing and winning grants. We need you!



“I have worked in some form of theatre my entire life and know ‘theatre people’ to be warm, funny, creative and supportive. When I moved to Knoxville in 2010, I sought and found that connection here. I treasure my association with TKD, on-stage and behind the scenes. Join us in their new, larger space.”

Pook Pfaffe

“Several years ago I decided to find a new outlet for constructive and social interaction. Fortunately, I discovered TKD and volunteered to assist in stage construction. Since that time I have assisted in most of the work days and have seen the majority of the stage presentations. I enjoy working with “the crew” at TKD and look forward to construction work and plays at the new venue!”

Larry Hendrix

“I have been volunteering to work the box office at TKD for several years. It’s a privilege to be able to help in this small way an amazing group of artists like this one. Their productions consistently provide high quality entertainment at a very reasonable cost. What a great asset to our community this theatre company is!”

Sandra Smith

Become a TKD Volunteer