Of Good Stock
by Melissa Ross

Apr 3-19, 2020

Directed by Grechen Lynne Wingerter

Warning: This show contains strong language. Please by advised.


When legendary novelist Mick Stockton died, he left his three daughters a house in Cape Cod, control over his books, and a whole lot of issues.

Years later, the men in their lives struggle to be a part of this elusive family’s legacy. It’s not always easy keeping up with the hurricane of the whip-smart and sharp-tongued Stockton Sisters. Especially during a weekend filled with dramatic confrontations and surprising confessions. But good scotch helps.

A raw, poignant, and hilarious look at the fun and dysfunction of family.


  • Fred: Daniel Burress
  • Jess: Abby Reber
  • Amy: Greta Thorderson
  • Josh: Joshua Bigwood
  • Celia: Sherridan Smee
  • Hunter: Daniel Rickman


“Smoothly paced, occasionally touching, and … as comforting as a quart of mint chocolate chip ice cream, eaten straight from the container.”
The New York Times

“The reunion, oiled with scotch, leads to upsetting revelations, the airing of grievances, clumsy tendernesses, profane screams and forgiving ruminations that volley across the stage in a zany, often very funny cacophony … Ross’s characters are drawn with assurance, wit and gentle mockery — we definitely have met these people …”
Los Angeles Times

“Laugh-out-loud funny…relatable and thoroughly entertaining.”
Entertainment Weekly