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Earth and Sky
by Douglas Post


Directed by Doug James


Runs: Oct 14-30, 2016

Rehearsals: TBA


Audition Times

  • Saturday, Aug 20, 12:00 - 2:00 pm
  • Sunday, Aug 21, 7:00 - 9:00 pm

Available Roles

  • Sara - (20s-40s) She is a poet who has found out that her boyfriend, David, has died tragically. It is alluded from local detectives that he was involved in dirty dealings around the city. She doesn't believe it and decides to investigate on her own. She is on stage the entire show. She is earthy, driven, warm, and wholesome. She should stand out as a beacon of light in a very dark world.
  • David - (20s-40s) Sara's boyfriend. He is in multiple flashbacks to their relationships. He rarely leaves stage watching as a ghost as she investigates. We should never know if he really is guilty or innocent until the very end. He is edgy, but lovable. He has to fit into the dirty world, but also stand out.
  • Detective Al Kersnowski (30s-50s)- Sidekick type of detective. He always plays second fiddle to Detective Weber. He works in the underworld of Chicago. He should be rough around the edges but not as jaded as Weber.
  • Detective HE Weber (40s-50s) - Lead detective. He should appear that he LIVES the underworld of Chicago. If you can imagine it, he's seen it. He lives in a very harsh form of reality.
  • Joyce (20s-early 30s) - Works at the library with Sara. Super bubbly and fun. She is alot of comedic relief in the play.
  • Billy Hart (30s-40s) - Bar owner in Chicago. He could be the next boyfriend for Sara. There is definite sexual tension between them. However, his bar isn't the most successful bar and alot of dirty dealings happen at this bar.
  • Carl Eisenstadt (40s-60s) - He is a knowledgable mob boss in town. He knows so much, but has kind eyes. You could imagine him hiring someone to kill for him, but not him. He is more intelligent than brute force. He tries to warn before destruction.
  • Julius Gatz (40s-60) - MAJOR mob boss who knows where the bodies are buried and probably the sound they made when they died. He should appear extremely threatening in a casual way. The audience should feel he could cut an artery, watch you bleed out, and continue to drink his wine as you died.
  • Marie Defaria (late 20s-30s) - Mysterious girl at the bar with a story. She is a mob girl. She is almost mousy, but holds so many secrets and doesn't realize she does. She only does what she's told.

Audition Requirements

  • A current headshot and resume are helpful but not required.
  • A monologue is not required; auditions will be cold readings from the script.
  • Bring a detailed list of conflicts for Sep and Oct.


EARTH AND SKY is a poetic thriller about a would-be poet and part-time librarian named Sara McKeon whose lover of ten weeks, David Ames, is found dead one hot August morning in the city of Chicago. It appears that David, owner and manager of an expensive art-deco restaurant, may have been involved in several illicit activities including kidnapping, rape and murder. Unable to believe that the man she gave her heart to was a killer, and outraged that the police seem to have closed the book on the case, Sara begins her own investigation of the crime and is led deeper and deeper through the urban labyrinth into the contemporary underworld.

As the detective story moves forward in time, scenes from the love affair take us back to the moment when Sara and David first met. Finally the plots converge, and Sara finds herself face to face with the person who murdered her beloved.

Winner of the L. Arnold Weissberger Playwriting Competition sponsored by New Dramatists, this play received its world premiere at Second Stage in New York City. This exciting thriller examines the seedy urban underworld where murder leads to an indistinct demarcation between law enforcement and law infringement.

"Douglas Posts' EARTH AND SKY is a case of film noir on stage. The devious U-turns in the plot continue past the evening of this taut new thriller."
NY Times

"…it is thoroughly engrossing, holding you fast for about 100 intermissionless minutes…a genuine cop thriller, with devious plot turns, tough, corner-of-the-mouth, Chandler/Hammett-style dialogue, and enough surprises to startle rabbits out of holes let alone hats."
NY Post


Auditions will held at the theatre, 319 N. Gay Street [directions]. For more information, email

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