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And Then There Were None
by Agatha Christie


Directed by Michael Higdon


Runs: October 10-26, 2014

Rehearsals: Rehearsals will begin in earnest on September 2nd; however, we will schedule a read-thru sometime before that.

Audition Times

  • Saturday, August 16, 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.
  • Sunday, August 17, 2:00 to 4:00 pm

Available Roles

Seeking 8 men, 3 women. All characters will be required to have British accents.

  • Dr. Armstrong (male) A kind, timid and somewhat gullible doctor. A recovering alcoholic, he has come to Soldier Island to escape the stress of his occupation. Like all the guests on Soldier Island, he is haunted by a dark past. English accent, aged 40s-50s.
  • William Blore (male) A detective who believes he has been invited to the island simply to observe the other guests. He is a loud, bold man, frequently taking the lead to unravel the mystery that surrounds them; however, he is not the smartest of men and that fact, coupled with his attempts at blending in with the more refined guests, leads to comedic effect. Cockney accent, aged 40s-60s
  • Emily Brent (female) An older woman taking a holiday on Soldier Island. She is extremely religious, using her beliefs to justify her poor treatment of others. Judgmental, sanctimonious, and seemingly unfeeling, she quickly isolates herself from the other guests. English accent, aged 40s-70s
  • Vera Claythorne (female) An attractive young secretary, she is lured to Soldier Island under the false promise of employment. Appearing kind, romantic, and somewhat naïve, she develops a flirtatious relationship with Lombard. English accent, aged 20s-30s
  • Phillip Lombard (male) A handsome adventurer who has seen much of the world. Despite the grisly murders taking place around him, he is extremely laid back, constantly cracking jokes in an attempt to lighten the mood on Soldier Island. He and Vera develop a flirtatious relationship. English accent, aged 30s-40s
  • General Mackenzie (male) A retired general who, though still proud, is losing his grip on reality. He is an upright, soldierly man with a tired face, as he has experienced much. A gentle, kind man, he forms a touching attachment to Vera. English accent, aged 50s-70s
  • Anthony Marston (male) A handsome, wealthy young jetsetter. Born of privilege, he is quite self-involved, loves to show off and has little regard for those who cannot directly benefit him. English accent, aged 20s-30s
  • Fred Narracott (male) A boatman who brings supplies/groceries to the guests on Soldier Island. He appears onstage at the beginning of the play and is mentioned throughout as the other characters wait for him to arrive with more supplies. Cockney accent, aged 20s-70s. NOTE: The person playing this role will also be expected to work as backstage crew during the performances.
  • Ethel Rogers (female) A cook who works alongside her husband, Thomas, to take care of the guests on Soldier Island. She is a nervous woman, and when she thinks guests are not listening, can be a bit of a gossip. She, Lombard and Blore are the more humorous roles in the play. Irish or Cockney accent, aged 30s-50s
  • Thomas Rogers (male) A butler who works alongside his wife, Ethel, to take care of the guests on Soldier Island. He comes across to the guests as dignified and dutiful, but when their backs are turned, his behavior is shady and disrespectful. English accent, aged 30s-50s
  • Sir Lawrence Wargrave (male) A renowned judge who has recently retired from the bench, he is a highly intelligent older man with a commanding personality. As the characters begin to realize that a murderer is hunting them, Wargrave's experience and air of authority make him a natural leader for the group. English accent, aged 40s-60s.


Eight strangers are lured to a vacation home on a remote English island. Once there, all eight people (along with the resident butler and cook) are accused of having committed a murder at some point in their lives. Immediately, the ten inhabitants begin to die off, one by one, in ways that track the macabre children's poem "Ten Little Soldier Boys." Tensions rise as the guests wonder, not only who will be the next victim, but who among them is the murderer!


Auditions will held at the theatre, 319 N. Gay Street [directions]. Please bring a headshot or recent photo, if possible. Resumes are helpful but not required. No prepared monologue is needed; auditions will be cold readings from the script.

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